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When I went Volunteering with Dogs in Goa

written by Vishanth October 5, 2015

Volunteering with Dogs in Goa

Volunteering with dogs

Found these cuties!

Goa is known for his beautiful beaches and trancy nightlife, but it also has one of the highest rabid deaths in India. Volunteering with Dogs was something I never imagined myself doing. It came as a surprise to me when I was told by a friend from Czech Republic that she wanted to visit India to volunteer in a rabies project and that a lot of adults and children were dying because of Rabid bites in the country. Eventually, after learning more I was interested in the project and made the trip to Goa. I am very glad that I made this decision because we got to make some real difference out there. By the end of the two week project, we vaccinated over 15,000 dogs and educated over 10,000 students on rabid prevention (Which I think is pretty cool!).

This movie was made from the footage that I took on a particular day when I joined the vaccination team. The day was quite eventful as I could be amidst all the action when we caught the street dogs and vaccinated them. As the day was coming to an end, we heard about a Dam (Mother Dog) that got into an accident and injured her right leg. We decide to move her and her puppies to a safer place after examining her leg. The neighbours were kind enough to provide food for her. We were updated after a few days that the Dam was healthy with her puppies and she could manage to stand up.

An additional bonus was that we got to see some really cute puppies during the project and that I finally got over the fear of dogs. This is a project that is going to be close to my heart as it was potentially saving both dogs and children.

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