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Tell us your story - Vishualization

Tell us your Story – Vishualization

Tell us your Story
is a dedicated section of Vishualization where you can share your stories and help us discover Inspiring people and places.  Vishualization is about Inspiring and getting Inspired. We would love to hear your stories, you don’t have to be a seasoned traveller or a person with extraordinary stories. We believe that each one of you have a story to share.

So, why not share it with the rest of us? 😀

To get started just think of something Inspirational, Funny or Awesome that happened to you or something you noticed and send us an email using the form below mentioning a short overview of your story and we can discuss more.

If you want to contribute to our specific sections:

1) “Places with Stories” – It is for exclusive facts about places which are not easily known to people, The idea is to bring out places from nooks and corners of the globe and give them a story.

– Send one good quality photograph of a place that you think is not very well known, it could be anything from a tree behind your house to an abandoned garden in Australia.
– Write at least 400 words about this place, describe why you photographed this place, what you feel about this place, you could tell about it’s history and the location of the photographed location (City/Town and Country).

2) ”Stories of Inspiring people Around you” –  If you know any Inspiring people around you or have a story yourself. We would love to feature your story on our website.

– Send at least one good quality photograph of the person/yours (with or without the face shown) or other sources that make the article credible.
– Write your story in at least 400 words and the location of the Inspiring person (City/Town and Country).

3) We also accept Guest posts from other bloggers. All work must be of original content and not appearing elsewhere. Send your ideas for a post or your pitches to vishanth.vijayakumar@gmail.com or fill in the form below 🙂

4) ”Travel destination of the week”:
Send your best photos of travel destinations with it’s location (City/Town and Country) with a short description to put as an caption on the homepage of our website. We will choose the pictures and showcase one of them each week.

5) ‘Misconceptions around us’:
Send us exclusive facts about places which are not easily known to people. The idea is to learn about different cultures, people and to avoid misconceptions of societies on the whole.

All posts will have a small author bio and will showcase the links to your social sites as long as they are non-commercial

Tell us your story by filling the form below:




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