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South India Trip Day 1 : Bengaluru – The calm and crazy

written by Vishanth December 27, 2015

South India Trip – Day 1 : Bengaluru – The calm and crazy

After my last post, I tried sleeping but I couldn’t. I made a very simple stupid mistake, I slept 7 hours on the flight and the train, but I did not sleep the night before either. I thought the seven hours covered me for today day as well 😛 But I was wrong and I was really tired by this time. Finally we are in the South Indian city of Bengaluru!

Hello Bengaluru!

5 am:  We were in our room around 5 am and I started writing my previous blog post while Brecht was sleeping.

Outside our Hotel. Good morning! :D Bengaluru

Outside our Hotel. Good morning! 😀

7.30 am: It was around 7.30 and I decided to go for breakfast, It was nice, I had some puris and potato curry which I am eating after a long time, I had some semiya (really soft vermicelli based Sound Indian breakfast dish) with a masala omelette as well (I know it was heavy). Damn, the food everywhere is a luxury. I got out and wanted to make a call to my cousin, because he has my new phone (an old iphone 4), my dad sent that phone to him, because my current phone is gone to the woods again (Yeah, I did it again). I heard someone speaking in tamil at the reception, I figured out that the manager was from my place (Speaking tamil). I asked him if i could make a call to my cousin in tamil and he was more than happy to hand over his mobile phone. I talked with my cousin and decided to meet around 1 pm and I got back to my room to get some sleep.
8.30 am: I could not sleep, I could not just sleep, I just looked at my phone, texted friends and basically stayed tired till the time was up for us to get ready and leave.

This was one of those buses I used to take to travel in India. Crazy memories, reminds me of times when I used to travel 6 hours to meet a girl. Bengaluru

This was one of those buses I used to take to travel in India. Crazy memories, reminds me of times when I used to travel 6 hours to meet a girl.

11 am: We just got up and got ready, the water was not very warm but adjustable. We decided to go out later that night and wore something appropriate. I know there were kids at my cousin’s, I was prepared to spend some nice quiet time with them.

Journey to my cousin's place in Bengaluru

Journey to my cousin’s

12 noon: I hear Brecht ask me ” Vish, 12 Indian time or Normal time?”. I replied saying ”Indian time”.  We were right, the taxi driver messaged that he reached while he was somewhere else and I had to call him from the hotel to get his there. I tried to do some ‘vlogging’ (talk in front of my gopro :P) which was a big failure haha.

Yeah! We still have this :D Bengaluru

Yeah! We still have this 😀

We got in the car, I was quite awake, started clicking some pictures. I realised that Brecht is seeing the Indian streets for the first time, he later said that it was eye opening, cows were crossing roads, chaos yet calmness, honks, auto rickshaws sneaking in, people everywhere.

The Market one the right. The one I was talking about. Bengaluru

The Market one the right. The one I was talking about.

Well, there was this one market, where we saw these cows eating garbage and Brecht said he has never seen anything like it, it was fun.

Herd of Autos rickshaws.

Herd of Autos rickshaws.

1 pm: We got to my cousin’s, it was really nice to see my Aunt’s sons, their wives and their kids. It was funny because my nephew did not recognize me with the beard (haha!), we got talking about life, marriages, gossiping about my brothers, my stories, it must have been annoying for them, haha. It was time for lunch, we were served some really yummy chettinad lamb curry with yoghurt and rice. There was Gulab jamun and Payasam for dessert too, was yummy! Brecht said that he enjoyed his food and it was not as spicy as he thought.

Yummy Lamb chettinad and rice with my hands :D

Yummy Lamb chettinad and rice with my hands 😀

We got back to more talking and more games, I taught my little nephew a little trick, he was okay with me now. Another friend of my cousin visited and we talked with him for a while, he is an anchor and is a big shot in advertising. We exchanged some ideas and talked about my current trip with some chai and snacks before booking the cab. We got the cab and left for our hotel.

Bye bye! :D

Bye bye! 😀

5.30 pm: I realised that I was super tired in the cab and I was getting grumpy now, I got a bit irritated when my dad called when I was sleeping in the cab (felt bad immediately after). I was really tired now, I washed my face back in the room, and got my stuff and left for the night.

Bangalore traffic.

Bangalore traffic.

6 pm: We left to this pub called Toit very close to our hotel, it had three floors, awesome food, home brewed beers. Brecht had a Moussaka and loved it so much.



I had my lemon chicken as appetizers over a Biryani blonde (A homebrewed beer) and a screwdriver (for old times sake, haha).

Basmati Blode - Toit.

Basmati Blode – Toit.


Screw driver at Toit.

Screw driver at Toit.

9 pm: The funniest thing happened when we met a bunch of guys who told us about the best places to carry the night forward, we walked towards Xtreme sports bar and I saw cirrus (I have some crazy moments attached to this place, haha!). I was very tired but I did not give up, I wanted the night to go on, Brecht was very supportive. We went into Xtreme sports bar, they had an entry fee, we did not like it very much and we wanted to head out soon. I suggested Toit again, so we got back where we started, realised it was getting a bit boring there now. We remember this guy telling us about Humming tree, it was stuck in our head, we took a auto rickshaw headed off.

10 pm: Just as I was entering the Humming tree, I heard this guy speaking in tamil to the security, I joined in and said hi to the security and started talking with this guy in the lift. He introduced me to his other friends, we got talking about life, business, work and almost everything. Oh almost forgot, we wanted to find Brecht an Indian girl :D.

It was a super fun place and things turned a bit crazy when one of his friends asked us to join him to a wedding reception of a friend of his, haha.

Yeah! We just crashed a wedding.

Yeah! We just crashed a wedding.

10.30 pm: We headed off to the wedding reception, yes really, in an auto rickshaw. we got in, it was fancy, with people dressed up and it was really funny and crazy to explain to everyone how we knew the bride and the groom. After the craziness settled, we thought it was time to end the craziness and go back home, because I did not remember any names, haha. We headed off to our hotel soon after.

I was super tired, I wanted to write all this then, but I guess I was very tired then and didn’t get very far.

Me and Brecht had a hard time answering about the Groom.

Me and Brecht had a hard time answering about the Groom.


Auto ride back home.

Auto ride back home.

Hope the holidays are going great 🙂
Our first day in Bangalore was crazy and awesome!
The Adventure has just begun 😀

See you tomorrow!

To know how we got to Bengaluru click here and to know what happened the next day, click here.

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