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7 questions you should ask to choose the perfect cruise

written by Francesca Bandini April 5, 2016
7 questions to choose the perfect cruise

7 questions you should ask to choose the perfect cruise:

Have you been on a cruise before? No? Don’t worry! There are Cruises for everyone, these questions will help you find your perfect fit.

perfect cruise cruising tips questions
is an easy way to travel: you can visit many places stress free and enjoying a classy and entertaining environment. The cruise market is growing constantly and newer generations are increasingly choosing to cruise especially on ultra modern ships (where they can even enjoy sky-diving!).

Cruising is not as expensive as it is thought to be and in the price all the meals are included plus exclusive access to the entertainments.

Are you tempted to go on a cruise? Want to find the perfect cruise for you? Before browsing through thousands of cruises ask yourself the following 7 questions so you can easily narrow down the options. Incredibly there are many cruise ships to choose from.

How to choose the perfect cruise for you?

perfect cruise cruising tips questions

1.  How old are you? No this is not a rude question! Considering your age group is necessary to enjoy a cruise with peers and to not feel inappropriate. There are cruises focused on 60+ passengers and the offers are tailored to the specific age group. But there are also very modern and active ships where there is no time to rest for younger people.

2.  What kind of traveller are you? Ok you might be on a phase of rediscovery but let’s be practical. Choose one of the following:

  • Sporty: the word ‘Rest’ is not part of your vocabulary, you are full of adrenaline and enjoy intense activities.
  • Sophisticated: you enjoy fine dining, classy dancing, you are traditional and the quality is what counts for you.
  • Intellectual: you are hungry of culture and learning is one of the most satisfying activities. You love quiet places where you can enhance your cultural baggage.

Cruise lines and cruise ships offer different experiences according to your personal traits, you can single out the most appropriate cruise line for you. An additional tip? Have a look at the deck plan and on board activities, you will immediately understand if that cruise is right for you.

3.  Time to travel?: For time we mean ‘time of the year‘ for cruising, but also importantly the time available. You cannot expect to travel the world in a 10 day holiday: Keep it realistic and you will be satisfied.

4.  What interests you the most on holiday?

  • Learning & cultural discovery
  • Having fun
  • Relaxing

According to your main interest you will have to choose between a few different cruise lines and ship, but also options. You may want to select the cruise with X amount of spending on board if you are more devoted to the relaxation or SPA treatments. Or you may want to select Free drinks package if your aim is having fun. Or you may want to select a cruise with plenty of guest speakers if you want to bring your knowledge to the next level.

5.  With whom do you travel?Some cruise lines and itineraries are more recommended for solo travelers for example, because there are suitable entertainments and parties. Other cruises are more oriented to families so there are a variety of activities for children etc.

6.  Which port would you depart from?: Very important is also the port of departure because it affects the cruises available. In addition, let’s say you live in Southampton, if you do not fancy flying you should consider cruises from the UK only: the choices will be narrowed down.

7.  What kind of Cabin would you prefer?: Even the cabin has impact on the price and quality of your holiday. If you are an introvert person, you already know that you will be spending a great amount of time inside your cabin, in this case you may want to choose an ocean view cabin. Whereas if you are sensitive to budget, an inside cabin would do the trick.

perfect cruise cruising tips questions

Ready to go? Remember cruising is a very interesting experience worth trying at least once in your life.

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