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How I spent my Halloween in Ghent?

written by Vishanth October 27, 2015

Halloween in Ghent

It was Halloween in Ghent and everyone was busy searching for costumes. We were invited to a Halloween themed house party in Ghent and we know that these guys can throw a party! A friend of mine suggested going to a vintage shop as they were selling costumes at a really low price. I went to the shop and I managed to just get a hat and a extra small jacket. I did not have any proper costume unfortunately. We decided to meet at a common place and see what we could do. They had a lot of red and white paint, I got some too. I guess I looked like a vampire or something (Still not sure though, haha). My friend who is Iranian Canadian, his grandfather was a camel herder and he dressed up like a camel herder which was funny. We all got a few drinks and moved into this house. It was quite freaky inside with chain saws and blood spattered over the walls. You can see what happened next in the video 😀

Happy Halloween everyone! What do you think about my Halloween in Ghent?
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