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What To Do With A Few hours In Naples?

written by Paolo Barissano March 1, 2016
What to do with a few hours in Naples?

What To Do With A Few hours In Naples?

When Time is not enough. What matters is how you maximize the little time that you have. A One day visit in Naples can be a great experience if you can be aware of a number of things, such as where to have meals and where to tour at different times of the day.


What to visit?

Cimitero delle Fontanelle, Naples

Cimitero delle Fontanelle, Naples

The Naples coastline, spending time in warm turquoise water is quite adventurous. Peddle through those cliffs and caves and explore the old roman ruins of Kayak Napoli. Tour the national Archaeological Museum, visit Naples underground and you might also want to visit the museum of Contemporary Art at MADRE. Another alternative is to take a walk to the huge volcano hanging over the city.

Do not try to overwork yourself by visiting all the places, otherwise you might lose the pleasant taste of Naples

Just identify one place to visit for the few hours you will be around; you might want to settle at a church, museum, castle or even an opera house.


What to eat?


Tomatoes and Mozzarella salad

Naples can be described as the birthplace of pizza. This is genuine pizza unlike the crusted cheesy product that you would normally buy from the local chippy or Pizza Hut. You will definitely enjoy the Naples Margherita pizza, one that is mixed with fresh mozzarella and thin handmade bases. Get the finest in town on Via dei Tribulani  street from Sorbillo Pizzeria.

Take a walk in the ruins of Pompei


Ruins of Pompei

spending some hours in the intense heat during summer is the norm in Naples and Italy in general. Nevertheless, should you arrive at Pompeii in the morning hours be sure of receiving cooler temperatures and an interesting look into the occupants of a whole town.


Get to Amalfi coast for a swimming session

Amalfi coast

Amalfi coast

This place may not be as touristy as other towns. However, there is a reason for visiting Amalfi, the scenery.

Like the view from the top?

We all love a nice view. Well, try to catch the city cable car and pass through Naples to the Castle standing guard. The view from the car is pretty vantage and you will be able to see the skyline from Naples to Sorrento as far as the eyes sight can reach.


Bed and Breakfast

Make a call and make arrangements for reservation. Bed and Breakfast Hotels to stay in are available in plenty. Spending a few hours in Italy? Then you definitely need a good base for your meals. After hours of adventurous travels, maybe it is now the time to rest your head and feet.  B and b downtown is an ideal spot which is a few minutes walk from Via Toledo and Piazza Plebiscito.

How has your experience been with Naples? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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