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What is it like to be in Branson Missouri?

written by Vishanth July 25, 2016
Branson Missouri

What is it like to be in Branson Missouri?

Branson, Missouri, is undeniably one of United States’ favorite destinations, as it receives over 8 million visitors per year. This small town in the Ozark Mountains is famous for its over-the-top roadside attractions, having more theater seats than Broadway, NY and great outdoor attractions.

Ozark Mountains Branson Missouri

Ozark Mountains

This town is hailed as the “live music and entertainment capital of the world”, as it’s a home for more than 50 theaters showing world-class shows all year round. Though the city is known for live entertainment, there is more to this town that attracts people – natural attractions, outdoor recreation and shopping just to name a few.

There are two basic things that draw people into this town: nature and neon. And it is the town’s perfect combination of the two that compels people to come again. Guests will notice its beauty the second they leave the airport and see the picturesque tree-covered hills and breathtaking limestone formations from their rental car.

Cabins are a beautiful way to enjoy the nature and the activities at Branson missouri.

Cabins are a beautiful way to enjoy the nature and the activities at Branson missouri.

Everything in this place just begs to be noticed, such as the revamped Mt. Rushmore which includes the faces of Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne. There’s also a statue of King Kong hanging on the Empire State building. Each attraction dazzles visitors with its unique old-town charm. Many of which claims to be the world’s best, biggest, or first.

Branson’s Varied Attractions

Attractions in Branson vary widely, from museums, caves to theme parks, from water parks to go-karts, zoo, caves, trekking trails and adventure parks, bars and restaurants, shopping areas, and of course, theaters and variety of entertainment. It’s a place where horror houses are coupled with dinosaur museums to attract people. Chinese and Mexican restaurants merge to offer everybody variety of choices, though most of the time, they’re buffets and steakhouses.

Some of the most popular places people visits are the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure Park, Titanic Museum, Track Family Fun Parks, and National Tiger Sanctuary. Most outdoor adventure parks also offer tons of activities for the whole family, from hiking and horseback riding, while those near the lakes offer water sports such as swimming, boating, snorkeling, fishing, Jet Ski rides, parasailing, and various water sports.


Popular Attractions You Can’t Afford to Miss

Branson has attractions all-year round. It’s a great summer destination for the whole family. Huffington Post also named it the top destination in the US for fall foliage. During Christmas season, they have some of the biggest shows and they light up the whole town with beautiful lights that brighten the city at night. And as with any popular vacation destinations, there are attractions and spots you can’t afford to miss.

Silver dollar branson missouri

Source: Flikr – ishane

Silver Dollar City – this probably the most recognizable tourist destination in Branson. Kids and kids at heart will surely love the thrill rides. There are also a bunch of talented craftsmen demonstrating their skill all over the village.

The Track Branson Missouri

Source: reservebranson.com

The Track – Go-karts are taken to a whole new level in Branson. The Track has a 4-level track most people would mistake as a parking garage. It’s a massive infrastructure that allows you to drive a go-kart. There are also arcades and bumper cars for the youngsters.

The Landing Branson missouri

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The Landing – Strategically located at the end of ‘Branson Strip’, just pass the downtown, the Landing houses a collection of world-class bars and restaurants. It’s adjacent to the famous Lake Taneycomo, making this outdoor mall the place to go if you’re looking to unwind and have a lovely dinner with your loved ones.

As said earlier, Branson has countless of attractions to offer. These three are among the top of the list, which you should never miss.


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