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Goa Adventures 2015 – Benaulim Beach

written by Vishanth April 7, 2016

Goa Adventures 2015 – Benaulim Beach

Waiting for our bus to Benaulim Beach Goa

Waiting for our bus to Benaulim

The last September (2015) I was volunteering in Goa with Mission Rabies for vaccinating dogs and educating children. This was day one of my two-week volunteering trip to Goa. We had a small briefing about our volunteering schedule for the coming days. Before we started doing all the work, we took a day off in Benaulim beach to enjoy one of the more beautiful beaches of Goa.

Goa Adventures 2015 - Benaulim Beach

Clouds reflecting over the beach

Benaulim beach has a beautiful laid back vibe to it with white sand which is not very well know to the domestic tourists.

Palm groves around the coast of Benaulim beach

Palm groves around the coast of Benaulim beach

There are plenty of palm groves around the beach, giving it beautiful views with nice winds moving in from all sides.

Starfish Benaulim beach Goa

A starfish washed ashore by the low tides.

The beach also has rich marine life, we could see a lot of  clams and star fishes all over the beach. Unfortunately, The low tides washed a lot of star fishes and clams to the shore. It looks like a beautiful place to snorkel and dive.


Cattle walking by the beach, Surprised? 😀

There have boat rides that depart from the beach offering some basic water sports for adventure seekers. We could see some children playing beach cricket, which was something I saw in other beaches of Goa as well.

Beach cricket Benaulim beach Goa

Beach cricket!

There was a very small crowd at the beach, making it perfect to relax and unwind. It was nice to not just see the marine life, but also dogs and herds of cows strolling by the coastline.

Cows Dogs Benaulim beach Goa

Cows and Dogs are a common sight at the Goan beaches.

The majority of Dogs at Benaulim were vaccinated against rabies from the year before, it was nice to have a look at what we were going to do in the coming days.

Benaulim beach shack Goa

Lunch at a shack by the beach! Yummy Seafood + Feni = 😀

We spent the evening enjoying the beautiful horizons across the shore before moving into one of the shacks to enjoy some yummy seafood with Feni, Goan style.

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