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About Vishualization

Selfie with bastion, A French kid, we volunteered together at a refugee camp along with his Mom.

About Vishualization

Hi! My name is Vishanth (if we haven’t met already).
Welcome to Vishualization (My friends call me Vish and We tried to play with some puns :D)

About Vishualization

This is the southern tip of India (Kanyakumari). I am the one in the center haha.

Born in a small town called Neyyoor in India, near the southern peninsular tip of India called Kanyakumari, I never got to live in one place for a very long time. I spent most of my childhood and adolescence  moving between India and Dubai (Changing 5 schools) and I finally moved out of my house in Dubai at the age of 17 to study in India, where I spent four years with the grilling Indian education system to become an Engineer by degree. Life in India is very different, it scares you and also amazes you at the same time, making those four years of my life invaluable. Then I moved to Sheffield, UK to experience Europe (some of you from England might not agree) for the first time. It was an amazing experience and I finally learnt to cook :D. I never got to meet people from so many countries before in a manner that I could at Sheffield. The University was brilliant as well with so much to do (So many activities!). I made so many friends there and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience there. By now, I had friends from most parts of the world. It was a great feeling and of course, I had to move again, this time to Ghent, Belgium. This time I make a new home with a sense of calmness and I hope that I get to stay here long enough. I got some time to reflect on my life on a whole, where I meet hundreds of people and always when you care enough you must move on. It’s something I have learnt to live with now, it’s something I want to talk about and also share why it’s even more important to explore, live and travel and find what this life is all about.

About Vishualization

During my University times in India, Pondicherry. I dug a hole for myself, Guess I was bored

It is almost impossible for me to believe that it’s been only 23 years, it feels like a 100 years already (haha!) . I think I am living everyday, nothing is more satisfying than a good deep conversation, even better if it’s over coffee :D. Things look very different when you travel, the world looks different, so do the people. It’s an extremely grateful feeling to know that you understand some difficult concepts of life, I believe that there is no better education than travelling and meeting people with different perspectives. It’s amazing how each of us have a story to share and we keep going and it’s something worth stopping by and listening to. I have been talking for a long time with a lot of people, But now I want to talk with a little more people if I am lucky enough, I am really excited about this blog.

Vishualization Sziget

With the family earned over 7 days at the Sziget festival, 2014 – Budapest.

Hopefully, you will find this blog informative. I will write about things I feel like writing, I have lived in 4 countries and been to 9. I am not planning on stopping, this year I feel more inspired than ever after my first trip alone to Budapest and go to the Sziget Music festival (It was amazing!). I have travelled quite a bit this year already. I will be going to Budapest again and also travel to the Reunion islands in the Indian ocean (It has a live volcano!). One of my friends from Ghent inspired me to volunteer for animal causes, now I have decided to go to Goa, India to Educate children in rural schools with Mission Rabies about rabies prevention. We will be part of a huge team, that will look to vaccinate 10,000 dogs in 30 days.


The Deserts of Hatta, Dubai.

I am looking forward to more inspiring conversations and people, Hopefully we’ll inspire each other and have more fun on the way.

About Vishualization

Well, hope i got you! Lot of my Facebook friends thought i actually met him – Madame Tussauds, London 2014.

Thanks for reading and Welcome!