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5 ways to have an Offbeat adventure in Dharbandora, Goa

written by Dimpy Roy March 11, 2016
Goa Dharbandora

Offbeat adventure in Dharbandora, Goa

When it comes to adventure, party and fun with friends, the buzzword ‘Goa’ strikes every mind of an Indian. And this is the reason, why most of the adventure aficionados have already trotted the sands and swam in the waters of Goa. But, the obscure Dharbandora in Goa, will compel you to sneak out of your cocoons and embrace all the frolic and fun, yet again in Goa.

Calm beaches in Goa

Calm beaches in Goa.

Goa is always there at your beck and call, and so are its flights. These days, a plethora of flights to Goa are being booked in advance, for the approaching vacation time. So, you too hurry up and book your tickets in advance. If you are in Delhi, a number of travel agencies and websites will come up with the best Delhi to Goa flight fare details. Just choose the time, best suited for you and be ready to pack your bags for the most memorable journey to Dharbandora in Goa.

Here are some of the most thrilling things, you can try your hands at, without burning a hole in your pockets. Check it out.

This Time, Shower with the Giant Elephants

Elephant shower showers Goa Dharbandora

Credit: Christina Andreou

What can be more enthrilling than sitting on the giant elephants and basking in the lush greenery, blooming forests and peaceful aura around you! If this is not enough, then there is an added perk for you; swimming and bathing with the elephants! Yes, you can sit on the back of the elephant, it will fill the river water in its trunk and splash it all over you! One can not stop hooting and shrieking at this heart-wooing experience.

Who knew Zip Lining Could be So Much Fun!

Zip lining Goa Dharbandora

You must have zip lined among the skyrocketing mountains in the hill stations of India, but not in the dense landscape of plantation. Zip lining amidst the thicket of the forest, can be truly an exclusive and a rip-roaring experience, and Dharbandora, Goa offers it open-heartedly. Suitable for kids too, this zip lining experience will take you out of this world.

Become a Spiderman by Climbing the Rocks


If you are a Spiderman aficionado, then this sport is bound to captivate your heart. Climb the artificially designed rock with utmost muscle and will power and burn a ton of calories in this 15-minutes power rock climbing at Dharbandora, Goa.

Flat Surface Rappelling for all the Brave Lions Out There


Does watching the famous show Khatron Ke Khiladi give you an adrenaline rush and an urge to take the plunge and descend the walls? You can quench your yearning for such an adventure by rappelling down a flat surface at Dharbandora, Goa. This goosebump giving task is well conducted under the guidance of trained instructors and utmost safety through gears is ensured. So, do not worry and become an aircraft rescuer for 15 minutes.

How About an Elephant Safari?

Elephant safari Goa Dharbandora

All of the above adventure-loaded activities are themselves enough to woo the hearts of the travellers and make Dharbandora, one of the most adorable places to visit in Goa. Yet, there is much more in store for you. When you get tired, but do not feel like ending up the fun-filled time in Dharbandora, go for an elephant safari in the Jungle Book Goa, and explore the jungle, talking and enjoying with your peers. On this elephant safari, you even get to explore the exclusive spice plantations of Goa, the key ingredient of all the scrumptious Goan dishes.

Let us know what you thinking about this offbeat side of Goa 🙂

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