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33 more reasons to visit The Réunion island

written by Vishanth July 28, 2016

Heard of the Réunion Island? Well, This is where it exactly is. 

reunion island

Now that we know where it is, let’s get back to the important stuff. Why would you want to visit the reunion island?


The Volcano – Piton de la fournaise

reunion island piton de la fournaise For starters, it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world! I got lucky to see it erupt when I was there. 


We could see the red in the sky right from our house in St. Pierre


Views like these, not bad, huh?

reunion island réunion island piton de la fournaise

You get to see sunrises like these!

Local tip: take the helicopter tours to have majestic views of the helicopter from the skies (≈ 300€)


Stepping onto Mars – Plaines des sables

Plaines des sables reunion island réunion island piton de la fournaise

Wouldn’t a road trip to Mars look like this?

Plaines des sables reunion island réunion island piton de la fournaise

Close your eyes and get into your space fantasy 😀


Beautiful Beaches

Boucan Canot beach reunion island réunion island

Boucan Canot

Want to chill?  Boucan canot is one of the most popular beaches in the island.

Manapany les Bains reunion island réunion island

Manapany les Bains

Manapany les Bains has a natural pool created by pebbles allowing you to swim without the fear of Sharks. 

l'Ermitage beach reunion island réunion island


Another beautiful beach with white sand. We could spot whales here in August! 😀


Waterfalls and Ponds

Cascade Langevin la Réunion island reunion island

Cascade Langevin

Falls like these make a perfect destination for a Sunday Picnic and a swim. This is probably the most beautiful waterfall on the island.

Trois Bassins waterfall Réunion island reunion island

Trois Bassins

Trois Bassins is filled with beautiful water sources and lot of green.

Trois Bassins reunion island

Trois Bassins

Couldn’t resist posting one more picture from the Trois Bassins

Reeds pond in Cilaos - Réunion Island reunion island

Reeds pond in Cilaos

Renting or Kayaking in reflecting waters like these can be tempting, noh?


Beautiful View Points

reunion island cilaos

This is the cozy town of Cilaos from the top of Roche Merveilleuse, easily accessible by car.

Bois Court Grand Bassin reunion island

Bois Court

Bois Court gives magnificent views over the Grand Bassin, which is a large pool of water flowing magnificently right beneath you. 

The Grand Bénare reunion island

The Grand Bénare

View from the top of the Grand Bénare which is the third highest peak in the island. There are many summits to hike from Piton des Neiges to Maido offering amazing views over the cirques. 

The Grand Bénare Hike reunion island

The Grand Bénare Hike


Grand Bénare reunion island

View points along the way


Grand Bénare reunion island

At the top of Grand Bénare

Its not just the top, the hike to the top can be equally beautiful if not better ?



Reunion is characterized by three exceptional natural cirques around Piton des Neiges. NamelyCilaos, Mafate and Salazie.

Cilaos, Réunion Island reunion island

Cilaos, Réunion Island.

Cilaos from a view point

The road of 400 turns Cilaos Réunion

The road of 400 turns

The drive to the town is already quite a task (400 turns), but it does provide some amazing views!

Cilaos Market reunion island

Cilaos Market

The market is know for it’s lentils, spices and wine. Being an Indian, you can see that this place sells everything that you will find in a tropical place in India.


Dolphins, Whales and Turtles

Dolphin watching Réunion island reunion island

Dolphin watching

You get to see wild dolphins playing with the waves as you zoom past them

L'Ermitage Réunion


People reacting to spotting a whale by the coast. Whale watching tours run in the winter (June to October).

Kélonia - Turtle Observatory Réunion reunion island

Kélonia – Turtle Observatory

If you like turtles, you could visit the turtle observatory to see some turtles and tortoises living in it’s natural habitat.


The Coast

Pointe de Langevin Réunion reunion island

Pointe de Langevin

Sunsets at Pointe de Langevin is quite a sight, you can see these black volcanic rocks making the area a unique landscape.

Ti Sable Réunion reunion island

Ti Sable

This black sand beach is a beautiful place to stroll by or relax. Bear in mind that swimming is prohibited here due to strong and irregular waves.

Réunion Island from the ocean Réunion reunion island

Réunion Island.

This is how the island looks from the ocean.


Since the 17th century, A large community of South Indian Tamil people moved to the island during the french rule in pondicherry.

Narasinga Perumal Temple, Réunion reunion island

Narasinga Perumal Temple, Réunion

Today, you get to see colourful temples like these in many places of the Island.

Food and Nightlife


Burger Réunion Réunion reunion island

Burger and fries is always a good idea by the coast 😀

Palm hotel Réunion reunion island

Palm hotel, Réunion

Resorts with great cocktails.

Dodo beer Réunion reunion island la dodo

La Dodo Beer

Drink the local Dodo beer like a local!


There are plenty of places to pack your food and enjoy a family picnic.

Always, don’t forget to chill and relax like every other holiday 😀

These pictures are from these places on the map, just incase you went looking.


Here is what I did during the trip:

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